Sensitive teeth. How to banish the pain

Sensitive teeth. How to banish the pain

Have you ever noticed a sharp ache in your teeth while trying to enjoy a hot cup of tea? Or did you ever felt pain outside when it’s cold? If so, you probably have sensitive teeth. There might be lots of different reasons for you to have sensitive teeth. It is most likely that a root structure of one or few teeth may have become exposed. It is covered by the gum and this layer just underneath. Things like acidic beverages or hard brushing can leave your root exposed.

It is really important to brush your teeth, but brushing to hard will not help you to leave your teeth healthy. Hard brushing is the main problem why your teeth are sensitive. Harsh strokes can wear away at the gum tissue and the tooth’s enamel layer. That will leave each dentin tubule vulnerable to anything that will come to the contact with the tooth. And it is usually hot, cold, soft and hard.

Also, it is important to make sure you are not drinking any acidic beverages as it might worsen enamel erosion and discomfort. This kind of drinks are usually sodas, coffee, tea, a lot of juices, wine and energy drinks. Although, you can drink unflavored carbonated water.

Your erosion can also happen if you use teeth-whitening. Dentin might get irritated if you will be using teeth-whitening too much. It might happen because the whitening may contain harsh ingredients that are used to strip away stains. Teeth-whitening can also thin the enamel layer around the dentin and that may expose the root.

If you have a really severe sensitivity, then It is better to talk to your dentist about that. He might recommend you to bond the problematic areas by placing a very fine vanish to the tooth. Unfortunately, that will not be a permanent fix.