Benefits and Disadvantages of Sleep & Sedation Dentistry in Vancouver

Benefits and Disadvantages of Sleep & Sedation Dentistry in Vancouver

Sleep & Sedation dentistry in Vancouver can offer a lot of opportunities for our professionals to deal with the situation regarding your teeth. However, the threats and damages are also quite significant and may become fatal. This article will discuss in more depth about the pros and cons of sleep & sedation dentistry in Vancouver and the rest of the world.


Let’s start with advantages first. There are several reasons why one might pick sleep & sedation dentistry in lieu of normal procedures.

Quality of Work

The main advantage that this type of dentistry can bring is painless and more accurate results. This means that the client will not feel anything, while at the same time get treated in a proper manner. For example, if you require surgery on your jaw, for any given reason, then sleep & sedation dentistry in Vancouver will help you overcome the problems associated with pain during the process. This will be easier for both the professional and for you to finish the process and go on with your life.


There are many risks associated with sedation, be it for dental or other purposes. These include over-sedation which can lead to many health issues. These include 1) Respiratory Depression; 2) formation of Hematoma; 3) Amnesia; 4) Sexual Fantasies. Also, it costs a lot of money so better avoid it. You can read about it in more detail here.



A better and safer alternative to providing sleep & sedation dentistry in Vancouver can be a process called “area sedation”. This process can be described as numbing only a small part of your body, which is the jaw, cheek, gums, or the whole mouth, depending on the situation. By applying this process, you can spare your organism and body from having the pressure of absorbing a sometimes unnecessary high dose of sedatives, which can, in turn, cause negative impacts as were discussed earlier. Therefore, always check with your dentist for alternatives in treating your mouth.

Sleep & Sedation dentistry in Vancouver


The best and most effective way to avoid Sleep & Sedation dentistry in Vancouver is to simply live a healthy lifestyle. Do not put yourself in a position where you will find yourself helpless and be forced to take on these services. Not only will you save TONS of money, but you will also guard your body and health against dying at a young age.

However, if things have come down to having the surgery done, make sure to pick the right practitioner. At City Dental, we will take care of you and listen to your problems. We will make sure to provide a safe and quick and effective way of getting rid of your problems.