Oil Pulling: Does it Work?

Oil Pulling: Does it Work?

Oil pulling is a trend that has sparked much conversation and success stories over recent years, making way for DIY natural oral care. Let’s take a look about what it is, and what its benefits are.

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is ancient Ayurvedic technique that aids in healthy gums and teeth. It involves taking a tablespoon of coconut oil (or sunflower and sesame oil), and swishing it around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes. This supposedly will help to draw out toxins from your gums, tongue and also help to improve your oral health. It is rooted in the principle of ‘like removes like’, just as oil removes oil-based makeup, it can cut through plaque in your mouth without the harshness or abrasiveness of traditional modern methods.

What are the benefits of oil pulling?

Although a lack of scientific studies exist, there are many testimonials and success stories online that support the efficacy of oil pulling. This has included the healing of skin conditions, hormonal imbalances and even various infections. The only way to find out is try it out for yourself, as it is completely safe.

How do you oil pull?

You can do this by swishing a tablespoon (or whatever amount feels comfortable for you) of coconut, olive, sunflower or sesame oil in your mouth. Try to do it for 20 minutes, if not 10 minutes will suffice. Rinse with warm water to melt away remaining oil, and spit into the trash can so you don’t clog your sink.

Oil pulling is best when done in the morning to pull the toxins that have accumulated in your mouth overnight, or before bed every night. It will help to soothe dental conditions or infections.

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