At What Age Should Your Child See A Dentist?- Children Dentistry In Surrey

At What Age Should Your Child See A Dentist?- Children Dentistry In Surrey

Children Dentistry In Surrey

Kids are born strong; they run around, eat everything we see on our planet without creating any damage to the body. In general, that’s how we think. But as educated parents, we have our responsibility to look after our children dentistry in surrey or Vancouver or any location. 

The timeline: 

Watching the first step, hearing their first word, and getting their first tooth are all milestones new parents anticipate.  As soon as your child gets that first tooth (and all of the teeth that will follow!) you need to make sure that he or she sees a dentist regularly. When should a child begin seeing the dentist? That is a question we ask frequently.  

How old should your kids travel to the dentist in Surrey if we have to follow a timeline? Regardless of whether your child appears to be fine, the goal is to take care of them.


Generally, children’s first dental visits should be scheduled between the ages of 2 and 3 years of age, unless you notice anything concerning prior to that. 

Let’s get them ready

First and foremost, it’s just a normal visit to the dentist in Surrey, a normal friendly doctor taking care of your child. As your kids learn fast, you will be exposed to anxiety, so make sure they have a positive experience. 

Seeing a dentist: what happens on the first visit?

You’ll probably have to take your child to the dentist for regular check-ups to see how her teeth and jaws are developing and to see how well she’s brushing and flossing. It is important that you and your child maintain good oral hygiene and eat a healthy diet to care for their teeth.

If your child has not had a dental appointment before, we recommend talking to them about it. The dentist will ask you several questions about the procedure and what he is looking for. 


  • Maintaining good dental hygiene
  • To prevent tooth decay, fluoridate your mouth and apply dental sealants
  • Repair decayed or traumatized teeth
  • Gum conditions should be treated
  • Extraction of teeth
  • Customized mouth guards made and fitted for sports.

Children dentistry

Providing for your children’s smoothest visit is a priority for Citydentalcenter. We would be glad to assist you with any questions. It’s only our job to treat children a few times; however, you’re the family’s primary dentist. We recommend telling your child why you are brushing their teeth as you do so. Parents are responsible for instilling lifelong dental habits in their children. From an early age, children can be taught proper brushing and dental care techniques that will last them a lifetime.