How to Clean Your Teeth Effectively

How to Clean Your Teeth Effectively

We use our teeth when we eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day. After eating meals, you should brush our teeth in order to keep them white and healthy teeth. Cleaning teeth is like one of our routines in our lives. A bright, healthy smile will help to build up your confidence! Let’s take a look at our healthy teeth cleaning tips.

How should you brush your teeth?

Clean your teeth for about two minutes twice a day at least. You should brush your teeth before going to bed at night and you can choose one more time to clean your teeth every day.

If you listen to music during your teeth cleaning time, it must be fun. You can download music app such as “Brush DJ” which offers two minute music for the brushing time.

Confirm your brush touches all the teeth surfaces: the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces.


Which should you use, an electronic or manual toothbrush?

You can choose both of them because a manual toothbrush is as good as an electronic one, as long as you are using a great toothpaste and the right technique. Some people feel they can brush their teeth more easily with an electronic toothbrush, so it comes down to personal preference.


What kind of toothbrush should you choose?

Most adults should use a small head and compact toothbrush which allows you to brush your teeth easily. Medium or soft bristles are suitable for most adults’ teeth. If you used an electronic toothbrush, oscillating or rotating head one would be better than a manual toothbrush.


Can you gargle with water immediately after teeth brushing?

No. If you rise with water momentarily after brushing, fluoride included in the toothpaste is gone. You shouldn’t wash your mouth right away in order to keep the fluoride on your teeth.  This is one if the more important steps in the teeth cleaning tips.


Should you use mouthwash?

Mouthwash including fluoride must prevent decayed teeth. However, you shouldn’t wash your mouth with mouthwash momentarily after brushing. It’s the same reason as the previous Q&A.

Use mouthwash at the different time such as after lunch, and you should avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes after you use mouthwash.


Should you use dental floss or interdental brushes?

Not only does dental floss get rid of food between your teeth, but it also takes away plaque which causes gum disease and bad breath. We recommend to use dental floss before brushing. You can also use interdental brushes instead of using dental floss especially if you have gaps between your teeth. We don’t recommend to use toothpicks which may damage your gums.



How were these teeth cleaning tips? We hope the tips are helpful for your oral routines. If you have more inquiries about your teeth problems or oral care, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you get on your journey to a healthy smile!