Great Food and Drink for Dental Health Vancouver

Great Food and Drink for Dental Health Vancouver


Sugar, coffee, and wine are well known to be enemies of white and healthy teeth. They can cause decayed teeth or stain your teeth. Of course, our professionals could help your dental health Vancouver if you suffer from these dental problems. However, there are specific things you can add into your diet for optimal dental health.


Cheese contains phosphate and calcium which can neutralize the acid in your mouth. For this reason, if you eat cheese, the bacteria in your mouth is killed, the tooth enamel is preserved, and more saliva is produced.


If you eat raw and whole fruits, it helps remove plaque, and it is a good massage for your gums. Fruit including Vitamin C like Kiwi is better because Vitamin C prevents gum disease. Lack of Vitamin C leads to decreased collagen in your gums, and this is one of the reasons gum disease occurs.


Vegetables which contain Vitamin A such as broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, and pumpkin, help build tooth enamel. If you eat raw vegetables, they will massages your gums and increase blood flow, helping to keep them healthy. Moreover, Vitamin A helps maintain a good tooth enamel foundation.


Water is a natural mouthwash that helps hydrate your gums. It also refreshes your mouth, and washes away the particle between your teeth so that your mouth doesn’t have plague.

Green tea

It includes polyphenols which slow down the growth of bacteria. Bacteria leads to having more plaque, which can lead to things such as cavities and gum disease. Speaking of which, catechins in green tea kill the bacteria in your mouth. Think of green tea is like a little soldier in your mouth!

Dental health Vancouver is incredibly important in ensuring your teeth and gums are working with you, rather than against you. A change in diet is very important – speak to our experts to book a cleaning and learn more about which foods to incorporate and eliminate from your diet!