What to Do If my Baby is Teething?

What to Do If my Baby is Teething?

The Main Teething Symptoms

Some children may experience really painful teething, which will be really stressful for you and painful for your baby. It will also require a lot of patient and comfort from you. Fortunately, this uncomfortable period won’t last and you will be able to rest again in no time.

If your baby has the following symptoms: heavy drooling, red and swollen gums, sleepless nights, biting, and grumpiness, it means that your baby’s first tooth on its way!

If your child has a temperature or diarrhoea before the first teeth came out, it is probably not teething and it would be better to take the baby to the doctor if you are worrying about it.

Why Does Teething Hurts so Much?

It hurts because when your baby’s teeth develop, they push through the gums and it causes irritation and swelling.

You can compare this pain with the pain you had when your wisdom teeth were coming out. But it might be more painful for the baby at this time and she might reject the bottle or breast feeding.

What Can You Do to Soothe Sore Gums?

You can try rubbing the gums with a clean finger, it might actually numb the pain. You can also try giving your baby something cool to bite on, it will distract you child from pain.

There are chances that your baby will find something to bite on herself. Maybe something like teeth rings would be nice for the baby to chew on.

Something cold would also be really helpful. Bottled cold water if she would want but don’t give your baby anything from the freezer as it might hurt her gums. Maybe cold feeding cup will help prevent to prevent her gums from irritation. Also, if your little one is old enough for solid foods, you can offer a plain yogurt or purees.

There might be times that your baby won’t have any of the things you offered and the best way to calm her down will be cuddling and lots of hugs! If you need any consultation about your child’s oral health, you can visit our website.