Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Teeth Whitening in Surrey

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Teeth Whitening in Surrey

Your confidence can take a beating when you have heavily stained teeth. You’re more likely to hide a smile rather than share it with the world. That’s why we think it’s time that you choose teeth whitening in Surrey.

What causes teeth discoloration?
Food – Fruits like different types of berries—specifically blueberries, cherries, blackberries and raspberries—can stain your teeth due to their skin.

Drinks – The tannin in black tea makes it easy for your teeth to stain. In fact, black tea is actually worse than coffee when it comes to staining your teeth. Red wine is also another culprit because it also contains tannin and because of its colour.

Smoking – People who smoke or chew tobacco tend to have stained teeth. This is due to both nicotine and tar present in cigarettes, easily turning the teeth yellow. Someone who smokes heavily for a number of years can have heavily stained teeth that are close to brown in colour.

Age – As we grow older, the enamel of your teeth gets worn down. And because of this, the colour of the layer after the enamel, the dentin, will start to show.

Why should you whiten your teeth?

Confidence Booster

Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening can restore someone’s confidence. If your teeth are heavily stained, you may be wary about smiling or you tend to hold back your smile. It may even be that you find yourself dreading social situations. However, with a stain-free smile, you can be more comfortable with yourself in social situations.

Better Job Prospects
Unfortunately, having a heavily stained smile can have a negative effect in your job search, especially if the job that you’re applying for is a client-facing one. Other times, the competition for a job is very fierce, with candidates possessing the same qualifications. And if you didn’t appear confident during the interview, perhaps due to the fact that you wanted to refrain from smiling, it can make you lose out on that dream job.

A Younger Looking You

As mentioned above, your teeth change colour as you age. And for that reason, if you opt for teeth whitening in Surrey, not only will it improve your smile and brighten your disposition, it will also make you look younger.

Whatever the cause may be for your stained teeth, you shouldn’t have to keep yourself from smiling. By choosing teeth whitening in Surrey, you can regain your confidence and you won’t lose out on any opportunities.