Smoking damages Oral Health and your Dental implants

Smoking damages Oral Health and your Dental implants
 Most of us would get implants to get your smile back or to overcome different kinds of oral health problems or smoking damages. The latest technology made these implants long-lasting, safe and durable. If you will look after your oral health, brush and floss then it is nearly impossible for implants to fail. Although, some them do fail and its usually happens because of harmful lifestyle or poor oral hygiene of the patient. If you are thinking about getting implants, then you need to stop smoking or otherwise you will spend lots of money to repair it. So here are few reasons why is it better for you to stop smoking if you want your implants and oral health be fine all the time.

Smoking Damages Oral Health and Tissues

When you are inhaling smoke, oral tissues are affected. When smoke kills soft tissue, the affected regions will be blackening and hardening. This kind of disease called keratosis.
The salivary glands in the affected layer of cells will be blocked by this thickening. If the production of saliva is reduced and it causes dryness in the mouth and let bacterial growth happen and that leads to tooth decay and gum problems.
Comparing smokers to non-smokers, smokers were found with much bigger and deeper pockets between their teeth and gum then non-smokers. Periodontal problems and bone loss occur at a very high rate in smokers.

Smoking Damages and Affects Blood Flow

Good blood flow is important to your body to function properly. When you having an implant, your bone is being drilled through and it needs time to heal. If there is no blood flow by the time surgery is done then impact is more likely to fail. Blood brings in oxygen and nutrients to the graft and flushes out toxins from the site. In smokers, nicotine and toxins present in smoke drastically reduce blood flow and increase the risk of implant failure.

  Smoking helps you to loose your teeth

Smoking and tooth loss are strongly linked. The studies showed that male smokers were 3.6 times more likely to lose their teeth compared to non-smokers. Female smokers were 2.6 times more likely to lose their teeth then non-smokers. Smokers experience more tooth loss because of frequently poor oral hygiene, an acidic environment in the mouth, rapid dental decay, damaged oral tissue, bone loss and a lack of response to treatment.
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