Sleep Dentistry Surrey

Sleep Dentistry Surrey

Curious about Sleep Dentistry Surrey clinic but still unsure? A number of patients have tried different types of sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry methods. You can see for yourself how their experiences have been:

Oral Sedation

In an interview with NBC News, one patient claimed that she actually had panic attacks with just the thought of going to the dentist. That, combined with a bad gag reflex made it even more difficult for her to gather the courage to go to the dentist.

However, that changed when she heard about sleep dentistry. The method used for her case was oral sedation. She took a pill an hour before her appointment. The end result? “The next thing I knew, I was home,” the patient stated. So the entire process didn’t leave her with an anxious feeling.

A different patient from Massachusetts actually avoided going to her dentist for four years. Her fear was so intense that it actually used tweezers to scrape plaques and stains off her teeth.

But when she decided to try sleep dentistry, she found that she couldn’t even remember all the procedures that was done during her appointment. And the procedures include three fillings and a root canal, to name a couple!

When asked if she would go back, the patient said that she would definitely be willing. It was a relief for her that she couldn’t remember the procedures or that she sat in the dentist chair for five hours through it all.

General Anaesthesia

One patient was given general anaesthesia as her sleep dentistry method for her root canal. It was administered through a shot in her arm and she was unconscious throughout the entire procedure.

When she regained consciousness, everything was done and it was time to go home. Which made for a pleasant experience overall.

Nitrous Oxide

A patient who had to have a root canal chose nitrous oxide—also known as laughing gas—for the procedure. The patient actually stated that by focusing on inhaling the gas, they were distracted from what the surgeon was doing. So that very act kept them calm throughout the procedure.

Another patient who also had nitrous oxide for her procedure stated that her dental anxiety was quite intense. Because of this, she needed a large volume of nitrous oxide.

She claimed that the gas made it easy for her to think about other things other than what was happening. Though she doesn’t usually remember the procedure.

Setting up a bi-annual appointment for something that you dread is perhaps something of a nightmare. So, for many of the patients above with dental anxiety or dental phobia or other complications, sleep dentistry is a relief. You too can opt for sleep dentistry at your Surrey clinic for your next appointment. For more information about sleep dentistry or if you would like to book an appointment, call us at our clinic in Surrey: 604-496-7676.