Sedation dentistry in Vancouver

Sedation dentistry in Vancouver

Teeth pain is one of the worst humans can experience – everybody agrees with that. But the anxiety experienced when going to a dental clinic can turn this situation into something even more overwhelming. Luckly, you can find sedation dentistry in Vancouver; the procedure is incredibly beneficial in helping patients relax during this hard time.

Sedation dentistry: no pain, all gain!

There are three types of sedation that can be used in this scenario:

  1. Inhalation sedation: Nitrous Oxide Oxygen – a.k.a. “laughing gas” – is used to obtain a relaxed state. Because patients come back to their normalstateas soon as they stop breathing the gas, they can head back home alone.
  2. Oral sedation: A prescribed oral medication is taken by the patient one hour prior to the treatment. Though they will be fully conscious, they will not feel pain and will be deeply relaxed. Some good company or lift is required, since patients are not allowed to drive after taking this medication.
  3. IV sedation: IV is for intravenously so, in this case, a sedative is administered into a patient’s vein. The patient will be asleep and will not remember any of the procedure. Because it’s an invasive sedative, blood pressure, breathing and heart rate need to be monitored. Help will be needed for the patient to leave the clinic.

Who should choose this procedure?

Sedation dentistry can be used for any treatment, even cleanings. Patients who are anxious or afraid are the ones that can benefit the most from this. If it’s too hard for you to stay still for long periods of time, or if anesthetics’ effects don’t stick with you for much time, this also be the perfect option. People with gag reflex problems or overly sensitive teeth should also consider sedation dentistry.

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