Managing Your Dental Anxiety

Managing Your Dental Anxiety

Do you feel absolute fear and dread when the time comes to get a filling or go in for a checkup and cleaning? Do you get panic attacks? Or maybe you only get a little bit worried and anxious. Either way, there aren’t many people who are excited to go to the dentist – just like any other medical procedure. It can be nerve wracking and uncomfortable but with the right tools to manage your fears and anxieties, it doesn’t have to be so scary.

the discomfort can sometimes come from fear of having your airway obstructed – the lying down position can make you feel particularly vulnerable. Another reason could be lack of control and fear of what could happen when someone else has sharp tools in your mouth. In addition, there is the result of having had negative past experiences, especially when technology wasn’t as developed. Attending dental checkups can trigger these past feelings of fear and trauma.

Now, let’s look at what you could do to make you feel more at ease:

Bring a Support System

Bringing someone you trust and feel comfortable with to your appointment can help tremendously. This can be a friend, family member, or partner. It can bring in a sense of friendliness and familiarity in the sterile environment of the dentist’s office.

Communication Is Key – Especially When It Comes To Dental Anxiety!

Talking to your dental hygienist or dentist can make all the difference! Asking about what to expect during a procedure, or simply asking to gain a little more control during your checkup can help. You can ask for the chair to be in a slightly more upright position, or floss your teeth yourself.

Get Checked Up Regularly

Some dentists recommend their patients get cleanings every 3 months, as opposed to every 6 months. This may be because your teeth get plaque or calcium buildup much faster, or are more prone to cavities.

Generally, people with a fear of dentists tend to not go as often, sometimes missing years worth of appointment. Missing your cleanings can lead to much bigger, more painful problems in the long run. To avoid this, get checked up every 6 months. Think about it, it’s only 30 minutes. Better to do little snippets regularly than leave it for last minute and have a whole range of painful, time consuming problems.

At City Dental Centre, we care about your comfort and wellbeing! Please do not hesitate to talk to us about any concerns or special requests you may have – we are always here to help and most importantly, listen! We are a friendly team and will do our best to help you through your dental anxiety.

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