Let’s Be Worry-Free – Dental Financing Surrey

Let’s Be Worry-Free – Dental Financing Surrey
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Dental Financing Surrey

Citydental Clinic believes that every patient deserves affordable payment options and a simple process to finance their dental care. There are a number of payment options and dental financing plans available in our office, so each of our patients can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile without worrying about the cost.

Available Fees and Offers

Your budget can be accommodated through our payment options. Before the start of your treatment, we will discuss with you the costs associated with your treatment plan. 

Reduced Student Rates 

We owe our nation’s health to our students. As part of our commitment to them, all students with valid IDs will receive a plain 10% discount on all dental services. Our team at Citydenal believes that students should receive good care. Their dedication to improving the city has always amazed us, so we value the hard work they do.

Special Senior Discounts

Despite the advances we have made, we are forever indebted to our previous generation for whatever it was they did for us. It is with gratitude that we acknowledge their service. The City Dental Clinic offers discounted rates for senior citizens in the entire country of Canada. We do not want our seniors to be faced with financial burdens when it comes to dental treatment.

Do You Have an Indian Status Card? 

Depending on your Indian status, you might be eligible for a large portion of your dental services. Contact us today to find out more about your dental coverage.

Expenses and Payments for Dentistry

Among the payment methods we accept are:

  • All major credit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • Financing through CareCredit

During your consultation with our financial coordinator, we will review all aspects of the cosmetic dentistry costs and discuss all possible payment options. We work with everyone to find a payment plan that fits their needs and ensures everyone has access to exceptional cosmetic dentistry results

Insurance Policies

A variety of insurance policies mean that, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee coverage because of the complexities of insurance contracts. Payment of your estimated patient portion is due at the time of service.