Is it possible for seniors to keep their natural teeth?

Is it possible for seniors to keep their natural teeth?

Absolutely YES! Just some decades ago, it was a belief that as we age we would lose our real teeth. But that’s not the case for today’s elderly who are retaining their natural teeth longer than ever before. Of course, with time our bodies change and that involve our teeth for sure. Seniors are at risk for a diversity of dental issues, and these can be made worse by disregarding proper dental care.

The most frequent dental problems among seniors include tooth loss, gum desease and root decay. Nevertheless, if teeth are getting the proper daily care these points can be preventable. A healthy oral cavity helps you look fine, eat tasty food and speak clearly. So it’s very important to maintain your mouth health for a good quality of life.

The simplest way to prevent dental issues is to maintain a strict brushing and flossing daily routine. Another extremely valuable way of avoiding the buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth is to use an antibacterial mouth wash.

Regular visits to the dentist clinic are also highly important. Our recommendation – at least every 6 months, but if you feel you are at risk for a serious dental issue it’s better not to postpone your visit. Our dentists will be able to check you for any sign of potential problems with your oral cavity.

Keep in mind your mouth is the gateway to your entire body. Did you know that bad bacteria in the mouth not only can harm your teeth but may cause more serious medical conditions. Infections in the mouth may be associated with stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues that are common among seniors. With proper care, teeth can remain healthy and pain-free for a long time. The most essential things is to get consultation of your dentist when concerns arise.