How to keep the Toothbrush safe for the dental health?

How to keep the Toothbrush safe for the dental health?

Have you ever been thinking about how many bacteria live on your toothbrush? According to scientific researches a toothbrush can be a very comfortable accommodation for about 10 million germs and bacteria. Moreover your toothbrush is a breeding ground for tiny microorganisms.

Please just do not panic, these bacteria aren’t threat to your pearly white smile. Researches have shown that these microorganisms don’t make people sick. Also toothpaste has an anti-germ component built into it and the microbes need moisture to survive, multiply and grow. So as long as you rinse your toothbrush in water and let it air dry after the usage, you are safe. To make sure that your toothbrush always stays dry be sure to store it in an upright position.

If you are really desperate about dental care, you can soak your toothbrush in the mouthwash, since it’s an antiseptic solution of half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Another way of destroying all the germs is to dip your toothbrush in boiling water for about five to ten seconds.

Some people may think to use the dishwasher or microwave for sanitizing purposes of their toothbrushes, we highly recommend you not to experiment with those kitchen appliances. You will end up just damaging your toothbrush and as a result yourself as well. Why? Because the heat degrades the plastic and breaks it down to a more toxic form that can be absorbed by the body.

There are so many rumors about throwing out the toothbrush after a mouth sore or a cold. It’s a misleading information, you just need to keep the toothbrush dry and disinfected. One certain sign that your toothbrush is getting too old to use is if the bristles start losing their shape and become flattened. And just to make your life easier, you can develop the habit of changing your tooth brush with every check-up at City Dental Centre and then again midway before the next appointment.