Healthy snacks for your teeth in the summer.

Healthy snacks for your teeth in the summer.

As summer is the best season for everyone and especially for your children, we would like to offer some tips on healthy snacks for your teeth. Children love delicious seasonal treats but it is easy to forget that these summer snacks can hurt your child’s teeth. Summer is well known as the season of candy, fruit, popsicles, ice cream and many other amazing fun foods that probably is seriously harming your child’s teeth. Here are the most notoriously tooth damaging culprits to help you know where a treat alternative might be a better idea in the long-run.

Alternative to typical freezies as a healthy snacks for your teeth

These freezing treats usually consumed every day by everyone especially on a really hot summer day, but it is really important that you need to remember that they made out of sugar. When you eat something like ice cream, freezies, or similar products, your teeth are probably suffering because of the contact with sugars. Sugars are staying on your teeth and gums and breed bacteria all over your mouth which begin to eat away at the enamel o your teeth. If these bacteria will not be removed soon, you may notice cavities develop very quickly. Even one scoop of plain vanilla ice cream has the equivalent of over five teaspoons of sugar in it.

If you want alternative, you can make your own Popsicle out of fresh fruits and yogurt which will taste amazing and not going to hurt your teeth so much. There is also much less sugar in natural foods, and it always better to use plain yogurt as it adds calcium, but you can always mix it with honey if you want, and honey not going to add so much sugar either!.

Sport drinks and soda

As the summer gets hotter, everyone are trying to quench their thirst by drinking sodas and different sport drinks instead of pure water. This is a really bad idea to substitute water like this because in that case your teeth will always be subjected to sugar all the time. If you don’t remove it quickly, this bacteria will wreak havoc on teeth and gums. Also, the carbonation can play a hand in eroding tooth enamel when consumed throughout the day. In one regular can size of pop is equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar, so consider it when you will drink sport drink or pop over water!

To make sure that your child’s teeth don’t suffer from sugary liquids like these, offer them either water or natural fruit juices as an alternative.

Not healthy snacks for your teeth

The easiest way to keep your dental health in check

One of the most important thing to do when you are trying to look after the whole family’s oral health is frequently visit your dentist. It is also important to remember to brush and floss your teeth all the time to keep it free from bad bacteria. Professional teeth cleaning are essential in keeping your dental health in check as dental professionals are able to see and reach areas of your mouth that you cannot. Its better to check these areas frequently or these areas can have destructive effects. You should ensure that all of your family members should have regular checkups.

If you do not currently visit a dental practice or are looking for one that specializes in child and family care, visit City Dental Centre.