Getting a Dental Crown at Surrey Dental Clinic

Getting a Dental Crown at Surrey Dental Clinic

There are many different reasons why you would get a dental crown at Surrey dental clinic. Perhaps it’s to cover a fractured tooth or maybe even to attach a bridge. But did you know that a crown can be used to cover a misshapen tooth or one that’s badly discoloured?

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown—also known as a cap—is essentially an artificial tooth that’s hollow and that acts as a cover for the original tooth.

Unlike dentures, however, crowns are cemented into place. The removal of a crown needs to be done by your dentist.

How is it done?

Your dentist will need to file down the tooth in order to make room for the crown. Before this, you will be given a local anesthetic.

Because each crown is customized, after the tooth has been filed down, your dentist at your Surrey dental clinic will create an impression of your tooth as well as the teeth near it. A mold will be made out of this impression and that will be used for your custom-made crown.

Your crown will be fitted on your next visit and your dentist will make check its fit, shape and colour. If it’s all clear, then the crown will be cemented into place.

Please note that sometimes it’s necessary for the tooth to undergo a root canal before the crown can be fitted. Also, if you’re having a crown done because of tooth decay, it may be possible that your dentist will have need to build up a foundation first if the decay is severe. Your dentist in Surrey will be able to provide you with more information

What are the benefits of getting a dental crown?

Looks natural – A crown can conceal an imperfect tooth. It also gives the illusion that your teeth are all natural.

Stain Resistant – A porcelain crown in particular is stain resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about teeth whitening.

Long-lasting – It can last up to 15 years when taken care of properly.

Strengthens weakened teeth – It gives added support as well as protection for your weakened teeth.

Lastly, it can restore your smile as well as your confidence!

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