How to Get A Healthy Smile With Dental Care

How to Get A Healthy Smile With Dental Care

What are Dental Implants and What are some Advantages of Dental Implants in Surrey?

Dental Implants are used to replace broken, rotten or missing teeth and to give our clients the confidence from a beautiful smile. City Dental Centre offers Dental Implants in Surrey for a single tooth, a bridge (grouping of teeth), or for full dentures (full set of teeth). In all cases, these natural looking teeth bring the confidence of a complete smile, the convenience of permanent teeth and the durability of technologically advanced titanium materials.

Improved Appearance

With a full and natural looking smile City Dental Centre can improve the appearance of your mouth and smile with Dental Implants in Surrey.

Easily consume food

With today’s Dental Implants being directly attached to the jaw bone with titanium materials, individuals can consume food without any concern of them falling out or becoming uncomfortable.


In the past, dentures and dental implants were removable. This means you would have to take them out daily, clean them and glue them back in the next morning. Nowadays, dental implants in surrey are made of technologically advanced materials which allows them to be anchored in a mouth for a lengthy period of time and allows you to treat them just like your own teeth.

Enhanced speech

As previously mentioned, dental implants would loosen up over the course of a day resulting in discomfort and slurred speech. With new advancements in dental implants, you will not have to worry about them falling out or becoming uncomfortable as they are anchored surgically into your jaw bone. This allows for individuals to have free flowing speech with little interruptions.

prisma-dental-before-after-case-4Can Anyone Receive Dental Implants in Surrey?

As everyone has different oral health, it is impossible to say everyone is able to receive dental implants without a consultation. At City Dental Centre we can provide you a Free Consultation to determine if you’re eligible to receive dental implants Surrey. It is important to know what our dentists will be looking for when determining your eligibility. The structure of your Jaw Bone, the health of your Gums and your overall Oral Health are the three main contributors when determining eligibility.