Children Dentistry in Surrey: Halloween Dental Tips

Children Dentistry in Surrey: Halloween Dental Tips

It’s almost that time of the year again. It’s easy enough to see that Halloween is pretty much synonymous to candy and other sweet things by looking at your local supermarkets or grocery stores. So how can you make sure your children can still enjoy their candy and protect their teeth from cavities at the same time? As one of the clinics for children dentistry in Surrey, we can give you some tips.

One way to do this is by setting a time just for treats. This will make sure that your children won’t be consuming their sweets throughout the day. Also, this way you’ll be able to keep track on the amount of sweets that they’re consuming. The Canadian Dental Association actually suggests that you eat treats after having a meal and limit them to those times.

After indulging in the sweet treats, children should brush their teeth. However, we know that this isn’t always possible, especially if the treats are being consumed while trick-or-treating. The alternative is to have your children drink water after consuming the sweets so that the sugar will be washed away.

Some types of candy are more harmful than others when it comes to your children’s teeth.

Hard candy such as mints can cause more damage on teeth than other types. This is because these tend to last longer and when they’re bitten, they can cause damage to your teeth.

Caramels and toffee are also quite damaging to your teeth. Not only because the sugar content is high but because they tend to stick to your teeth. And they take much longer to dissolve in your mouth.

You should also come and book a dental cleaning at our clinic, as experts in children dentistry in Surrey, we can make sure that your child’s teeth won’t be having any current or future problems, even after indulging in their Halloween treats.

For additional information, you can look at our dental treatments page to see what types of services we have on offer for children dentistry in Surrey.