Benefits of dental crowns at City Dental Centre, Surrey

Benefits of dental crowns at City Dental Centre, Surrey

Dental crowns or caps are recommended by dentists worldwide because they have multiple benefits. They can be necessary for medical reasons, but they are also used for aesthetics.  So they are commonly used to provide additional support to damaged teeth or to mask dental flaws such as misshapen teeth. Let’s take a look at some of dental crowns uses and benefits, so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Dental crowns allow better tooth restoration

It restores the tooth to its normal function and structure. It is one of the best treatment options for badly damaged teeth by tooth decay that can not be repaired by other dental procedures. It is also used in the treatment of a lost tooth or protection of a worn tooth. A dental crown can hold together a severely cracked or broken tooth and even to anchor a dental bridge. Tooth replacement is one of the key benefits of having a crown. Dental caps give you a functional bite and bring your beautiful smile back.

  • Dental crowns can last for 20-30 years

Crowns are designed to be sturdy, protecting and strengthening the tooth, as well as prolonging its life. And they can last anywhere between 20 to 30 years.

  • Dental Crowns offer support and protection

Dental caps are designed for durability and protection. That is why they are also used after root canal procedures or to cover a dental implant. They protect the teeth by encasing the tooth structure above the gum line. Crowns also offer complete protection from breaks, cracks and possibly bacterial build-up.

  • Dental crowns improve the look of the smile

Patients can choose from different crown materials to suit their personal preference and lifestyle. Porcelain crowns look natural. They bring back the normal, healthy appearance of your teeth. Since they cover the entire tooth, they can also cover discolorations and other dental problems.