10 reasons you may have cavities

10 reasons you may have cavities

Maybe you have never had or maybe you have a lot of cavities but sometimes even when you ask yourself why did it happen to you. Here are the top 7 reasons why you might have gotten cavities :
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Stress can lead to a lot of negative things to your teeth. When your immune systems diminished as you often forget to brush your teeth and often to comfort yourself you eat comfort food which contains sugar.

Brushing too much

When they say everything in excess is poison they are right. Same is applied for brushing as if you brush too much it is equivalent to not brushing at all because it destroys your enamel.

Not Brushing or Not Flossing

When you are brushing your teeth and while doing that sometimes you leave some spots which lead to getting plaque and tooth decay. You should follow some guidelines while brushing your teeth.

Exercising More

When you exercise it causes your to get dry which is bad for your teeth as the saliva keeps your teeth clean.

Cold or Flu

When you are on medication it causes you to have a dry mouth which makes cavities to form more likely. This is the reason why you are told to drink atlas 8 glasses of water a day during you have a cold or flu.

Drugs taken in Chemotherapy can cause dry mouth for a lot of people which can lead to tooth decay and cause a cavity.
<3>More Acidic food

Eating more acidic fruits or fruity fruits causes the enamel to open up. Dieting and fruit cleanse frequently cause a problem if you don’t clean your teeth by rinsing.