Why is Dental Care important during Pregnancy

It is very important for the mother to take care of her teeth and gums while pregnant.When pregnant you develop the risk of having gum disease.This leads to damaging the health of the baby.
The following are tips for before during and after pregnancy :

Before Pregnancy

This person should make an appointment with their dentist when they figure out they are pregnant.This helps in cleaning teeth and gums before the pregnancy happens.

what to do if my baby is teething

What to Do If my Baby is Teething?

The Main Teething Symptoms

Some children may experience really painful teething, which will be really stressful for you and painful for your baby. It will also require a lot of patient and comfort from you. Fortunately, this uncomfortable period won’t last and you will be able to rest again in no time.

If your baby has the following symptoms: heavy drooling,