what if i leave bleeding gums untreated

What If I Leave Bleeding Gums Untreated?

If you notice your gums bleed, you should ask your dentist about how you can treat it. It is important to make sure you don’t have periodontal disease as it might link to an overall health conditions. Although, sometimes it happens because of brushing to hard or if your brush is not soft enough.

Bleeding gums may lead to variety of serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth. How to banish the pain

Have you ever noticed a sharp ache in your teeth while trying to enjoy a hot cup of tea? Or did you ever felt pain outside when it’s cold? If so, you probably have sensitive teeth. There might be lots of different reasons for you to have sensitive teeth. It is most likely that a root structure of one or few teeth may have become exposed.

what are the causes of dysphagia

What are the causes of Dysphagia?

Dysphagia is also called difficulty swallowing. It means that people who suffer from dysphagia, have problems with their throat or the muscular tube that moves liquids and food from their mouth to the stomach. So what are the causes of dysphagia?


Trouble swallowing might happen to anyone and there are many problems that might cause trouble swallowing.

wisdom tooth extraction

Why Would You Need a Wisdom Tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in your jaw bone. They usually come out at the age 16 to 24. If they are erupted, that’s good and they can help you chew food better if they are well aligned. Although, in many cases they don’t come out completely and if so, they will need to be extracted.

advantages of dental amalgam

What are the Advantages of Dental Amalgam

Amalgam (or silver filling) is used to feel cavities which were caused by tooth decay. It’s made out of liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture. Amalgam has been used for many years for restoration and it’s commonly called filling. So what are the advantages of dental amalgam?

Silver filling are not that common anymore because the white ones gain more popularity and no one uses it any more as much as they used to.

When Should Tooth Eruption Begin

When Should Tooth Eruption Begin?

You were given a set of teeth to grind and cut down food you eat. Tooth eruption is a process in tooth development in which the teeth coming out from the gum line and become visible in the mouth. Usually, this process happens while your child is still a baby and it continuous throughout the childhood and teenage age.

Is it True That Root Canal is a Painful Procedure?

It sounds scary when your dentist say that you need a root canal. Your friends might tell you that it will be stressful time for you. Although, is it true that root canal is a painful procedure?

The root canal procedure is not painful at all. It is usually done with use of local anaesthesia so the area which your dentist is working on,

how to find the right cosmetic dentist

How to Find the Right Cosmetic Dentist

For a patient who visit his cosmetic dentist very often, it is not a problem to trust his dentist with being confident in performing the work. Even if you have really small problems with your teeth or you need to do a whole “smile makeover” it is very important to know if your dentist is qualified specialist and he can perform the work on the highest level.

what do you need to know about dentures

What Do You Need to Know About Dentures

You are probably looking at this page because you found out that you need dentures. If so, you probably have lots of questions and you’ve heard different kinds of stories from your friends and relatives who wear dentures. Maybe good or maybe bad sides of wearing dentures. So, what do you need to know about dentures?