wisdom tooth extraction

Why Would You Need a Wisdom Tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in your jaw bone. They usually come out at the age 16 to 24. If they are erupted, that’s good and they can help you chew food better if they are well aligned. Although, in many cases they don’t come out completely and if so, they will need to be extracted.

advantages of dental amalgam

What are the Advantages of Dental Amalgam

Amalgam (or silver filling) is used to feel cavities which were caused by tooth decay. It’s made out of liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture. Amalgam has been used for many years for restoration and it’s commonly called filling. So what are the advantages of dental amalgam?

Silver filling are not that common anymore because the white ones gain more popularity and no one uses it any more as much as they used to.

what do you need to know about dentures

What Do You Need to Know About Dentures

You are probably looking at this page because you found out that you need dentures. If so, you probably have lots of questions and you’ve heard different kinds of stories from your friends and relatives who wear dentures. Maybe good or maybe bad sides of wearing dentures. So, what do you need to know about dentures?