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5 most important vitamins and minerals for oral health

That’s not a big secret that we need a healthy diet to maintain a good oral health. In order to have a beautiful and healthy smile, we must include vitamins, minerals and nutrients in our diet. Consuming the right type of food supports our body’s tissues in resisting infection. That doesn’t mean you need to eat tons of vitamins and supplements, your diet should be balanced, cause the presence of too much or too little of any nutrient can have harmful effects on the mouth and teeth as well as the overall body health.
Certain vitamins and minerals play a very essential role in your oral health. They help your tissues and bones fight off infections and clear away bacteria. And they help reduce your chances of having tooth decay, gum disease and mouth sores.

What vitamins and minerals are good for you?

Here are just some important minerals and vitamins that provide benefits to your oral health:
Calcium. You need lots of calcium for healthy teeth enamel and gums. Did you know your teeth and jaws are made mostly of calcium? Without enough calcium in your diet, you risk developing gum disease and tooth decay. Calcium is found in many foods and liquids, such as dairy products, soy milk, almonds, beans, and dark green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin D. It is very important to consume enough vitamin D because it helps your body absorb calcium. A diet lacking or low in vitamin D will cause burning mouth syndrome. Drink milk, and eat egg yolks and fish to increase your vitamin D intake.
Iron. Iron deficiency can cause your tongue to become inflamed, and sores can form inside your mouth. Red meat, liver, bran cereals, some nuts and spices is the great source of Iron.
Vitamin B3 (niacin). A lack of vitamin B3 can cause bad breath and canker sores in the mouth. To boost your B3 levels, eat chicken and fish.
Vitamin C. Too little vitamin C will lead to bleeding gums and loose teeth. Sweet potatoes, raw red peppers, and oranges are great sources of vitamin C.

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