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Finding the right dental clinic for you and your family in Surrey is important and there are multiple factors to consider.

Is the location of the dental clinic convenient? Do their working hours work for you? How will they deal with an anxious patient? And of course: can you afford the costs?

Convenient Location

A dental appointment isn’t really something that people look forward to. And if the location of your dental clinic is inconvenient for you—perhaps because it’s far from your place of work or your home, it can be difficult.

You should also consider the location if you work in Downtown Vancouver but you live in Surrey. You need to consider if you would like the dental clinic to be located close to home or work—or even close to your child’s school.

Working Hours

Some clinics may not have working hours that are compatible to you. Maybe the only day they’re available during the weekend is on Saturday and your only free time is Sunday.

It could also be that they’re open during the weekends but they are only open for a couple of hours.

When you have your children’s schedule to think of as well as your own, these things are important to consider.


Going to a dental appointment might feel like you’ve been ordered to walk on hot coals if dental procedures make you anxious. You might end up missing the appointment due to this fear.

However, some dental clinics do offer sleep dentistry for patients with dental anxiety.

If you have children, perhaps you would rather find a dental clinic that are experienced with children. Or one that has staff who practice pediatric dentistry.


Some people don’t have monetary concerns but others might have them. As such, cost is an important factor to consider when you’re looking for a dental clinic. Are there offers available? Or perhaps special discounts?

You should also consider the dental coverage of your insurance.

City Dental Centre

With those questions in mind, we can confidently say that City Dental Centre can give you what you need!

  • Our Surrey dental clinic is located within easy reach of public transport.
  • We are also available 7 days a week! So if you’re unable to book an appointment on a weekday, you can book one on the weekend.
  • We provide sleep dentistry to patients who are anxious
  • We also provide pediatric dentistry services
  • We offer student and senior discounts
  • Most treatments are covered under the student dental plan for BC students
  • Free consultation to find out about what your insurance covers

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