Dental checkups for Children Surrey

Dental checkups for Children at City Dental Centre, Surrey

Many parents believe that a visit to the dentist is a waste of time and money when their kid has only one or two teeth; however, According to the American Dental Association, dental checkups for children should be scheduled within six months of the appearance of their first tooth. An early dental checkup shows if your infant’s tooth development is normal in terms of the spacing and placement of early teeth. Moreover the child’s first dental appointment is also a great opportunity for parents to get valuable advice about cleaning and caring for the child’s first teeth. Sometimes parents find it difficult to persuade their kids to take part in daily brushing, so your family dentist can dive teeth cleaning tips for toddlers that might help. Positive early experience of the dentist visit can help to create a positive association in the child’s mind, so the future dental checkups won’t be a source of fear. It’s a great idea to use just positive words to describe the dental experience in the family. Avoid using negative words and speak about going to meet the family dentist as a fun activity that will help the child to have healthy teeth and gums. Even though these first teeth will fall out within a few years, baby teeth hold a space for the child’s permanent ones, and it’s extremely important that the child has a healthy mouth when those permanent teeth arrive. Without proper care, even baby teeth can decay and cause lots of problems.

Some of these problems include:

● Painful teeth and gums
● Difficulty with chewing, eating and sleeping after all
● Gum disease and inflammation
As a parent, you can teach your child the right way to care for teeth and make sure he or she visits your dentist regularly for cleaning and checkups. Many teeth problems, if they’re caught early, can be treated long before they become serious. You can book your appointment today at Dental City Centre, we are here to help you and your kids.

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